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Sep 8, 2021

Story, Screenplay & Direction: Deb Roy

Cast: Pradip Mukherjee, Indranil Sengupta, Isha Saha, Basabdatta Chatterjee, Rahul Dev Bose, Kripa Bindu, Sumit Samaddar, Prosun Saha, Dipanwita, Snehendu, Triparna, Tuhina, Tublu, Prosanta, Somrup, Uday Sankar Pal, Dipanwita Hazari, Debol Ghatak

Produced by: Sarit Pal Chowdhury, Rabindranath Samanta

DOP: Joydeep Bose

Editor: Sujay Datta Ray

Music: Upal Sengupta

Singers: Anindyo, Upal, Chandril, Sona

Lyrics: Anindyo Chattopaadhyay & Chandril Bhattacharya

Art Director: Ashis Kumar Adhikari

Co-Producer: Rahul Pal Chowdhury

Line Producer: Anirban Mondal & Sounava Sengupta

Chef Assistant Director: Dipankar Sarkar

Colorist: Prosenjit Banerjee

Sound Designer: Ayan Bhattacharya

VFX: Krishnendu Ghosh

Post-Production Head: Sourav Banerjee

Background Score: Rudranil Chowdhury

Post Production & DI: Eskay Digilab

Production Co-ordinator: Arnab Mondal & Saikat Das

Trailer & Promo: Gourab Dutta

About the film : A group comes to a village resort for a day’s outing. Melange of people of different age groups with their pranks, frolics, idiosyncrasies and pasts. In the village they come to know about a legend. There is a large water body called Torulatar Dighi, where the ghost of Torulata larks beneath the dark water and kills boys. And the group, which is supposed to return to Kolkata that evening gets stranded in the resort owing to a road block.

The two songs which was released Picnic er Gaan & Kalo Joley.

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