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Jun 7, 2021

The thousands of fans is very curious to know what their glam queen is doing during this pandemic situation. In an exclusive interview  she told to our editor that she is spending this lockdown with her family in her home. She has lot of plans but all got  wasted due to this pandemic. She has already released two music videos from her new YouTube channel jarek music. One music video was released on this Poila Boisakh starring Om Sahani & Mimi Dutta. The latest music video was released on this Rabindra Jayanti performed by Durnibar Saha & Chandrika Bhattacharya. Her recent production house Jarek entertainment is coming up with a latest short film “Ring Aaj Kaal” on this Friday. . She is also planning for more music videos & shorts films in this lockdown period.  The tolly queen gives a short message to her fans that to stay mentally healthy and to keep happy in this situation. Ena Saha is also working with some NGOs & helping some needy families.  As we know that glam queen  Ena Saha is very hard working lady so to overcome this boring time She is watching a lot of movies, webseries, playing indoor games, practicing dance & spending time with her sisters & cousin.

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