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Tea Trunk founded by India’s first certified Tea Sommelier launches a collection of teas specially curated to relieve stress and anxiety


Jul 4, 2021

Kolkata, 02 July 2021: Since the outbreak of the pandemic last year, we’ve all been trying to lead ‘a normal life’ but our working hours have changed, our screen time has increased, we spend less time outdoors and all these factors have contributed to disturbed sleep, stress and anxiety. While there’s no question of escaping stress. We can definitely work on ways to manage our stress better. Creating a daily routine that involves natural healing remedies is a good starting point for most of us. Recognizing this, Snigdha Manchanda, India’s first certified tea sommelier introduced a collection of herbal teas that are an easy, low-cost investment in your daily wellness.

Herbal teas also called tisanes are caffeine- free and are made by brewing flowers, roots or leaves with beneficial properties. One of the world’s most popular herbal teas is chamomile. Chamomile flowers are found in the foothills of the Himalayas. It is naturally found to contain a chemical called apigenin that calms the brain and gives good sleep. Since it’s caffeine – free it’s perfect for sipping any time of the day when you need to slow down and unwind. Snigdha Manchanda says that if there is one tea that works for almost everyone and at any time of the day, it’s hands down a cup of Chamomile tea.  Lavender tea is another relaxing tea made from lavender buds. It can be extremely soothing and relaxing to our senses. Lavender tea is also known to relieve feelings of anxiety and depression among adults.

Stress can also affect other body functions, including periods in women. PCOS is a condition that affects many women around the world, and stress is considered one of the reasons for it. While consulting a medical professional for PCOS is important, drinking spearmint tea can bring a lot of relief to women. Many regular spearmint tea drinkers have reported that this tea can reduce pain during periods as well as lessen the growth of unwanted body hair. Snigdha Manchanda recommends drinking 1-2 cups of spearmint tea for women battling with PCOS as this can help regulate menstrual cycles.

Chamomile, lavender and spearmint are caffeine – free herbal teas, so if you’re missing your caffeine while sipping them, Snigdha  recommends introducing at least 1 cup of white tea into your daily routine. White tea has low amounts of caffeine, a naturally sweet, honey dew-like flavour and in the world of teas, has the highest amount of antioxidants. White tea helps us fight bodily stress and reverse signs of ageing. It is also being used in skin care to develop anti-aging formulations.

While we all love our Masala Chai and no doubt it can be a great mood uplifter, for those willing to explore the world of teas, Snigdha Manchanda has 3 tips for you: “ One, do not add any milk to your herbal teas – they are different from chai. Two, everything should be had in moderation, so have a cup or two in a day. And three, please get the best quality teas, which are completely natural and free from preservatives.”

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