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Shine in love with Pipa Bella


Feb 14, 2022

Personalized Gifting Ideas for Valentine’s Day

February 2022Pipa Bella, the much-loved accessory label from Nykaa Fashionpresents the perfect assortment of everyday accessories with specialized detailing that accentuate one’s look while paying homage to the month of love.

Love is personal and so should your selection of accessories be; optformonogrammed jewellery available in a wide range of fonts, metals, and styles for a tasteful version of ‘shouting from the rooftop kind of love’.

Delve deeper, for the heart and our edit both speak the language of love in a trendy yet bold way. Withheart and infinity necklaces, rings and earrings made of mixed metals with gold plating adorned with pearls and studded stones, the range will leave you heady, just like love.

Remember to celebrate but also protect your love; the heart-shaped evil eye accessories are a trending addition to amp upyour Valentine’s look all while keeping your heart safe. The collection  presents a unique take on the much sought-after Evil Eye motif, artistically integrated into infinity and heart shaped designs plated in 18k gold & silver, studded with semi-precious stones to present a wide repertoire of 13 different styles of rings, earrings, bracelets, pendants and lariat necklacesas well as traditional Indian jewellery like Mangal sutras, Amulets and Necklaces. A gift that will prove to be a beautiful form of everlasting expression.

Head over to Pipa Bella on Nykaa Fashion to explore this Valentine’s edit.

About Pipa Bella:

The name Pipa Bella has been derived from the Spanish word “Pipa” which means bold and adventurous and “Bella” which means classic and beautiful. The brand reflects both these personalities and caters to women who could relate to either or both. Pipa Bella has always prioritised women’s journey of self-expression by reflecting the vivacity and creativity of a woman full of life, ideas and dreams that strives to serve boss ladies in spirit with a strong sense of individuality. Pipa Bella is an established name in the Fashion Jewellery space and is popularly known for high-quality jewellery at affordable prices, customisation for personal expression of adornment and frequently bringing high-fashion trendy designs to the Indian market. Progressive, confident and individualistic, Pipa Bella, most recently acquired by Nykaa Fashion, is known to have a personal connect with its audiences and promote femininity through its bold, chic, and relatable details that can transform the entire look. Founded by Shuchi Pandya in 2013, Pipa Bella, offers more than 1,500 jewellery styles, including custom-made and readymade accessories.

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